Submission must be original and should not have published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for TICMIH 2021. All submitted papers will be double blind reviewed by internationally reputable reviewers.


Link for paper submission:


Manuscript format and structure:

  1. Regarding the paper format, please use the Atlantis Press proceedings template which you can find here: Please note that it reduces any formatting related delays in the production process, allows for a more precise extraction of the metadata and improves the overall formatting of the final papers.
  2. Submit the paper in 2 formats: source file (Word or Latex) and PDF.
  3. In any case, please pay attention to the following requirements:
    1. For First Page: Top : 4.44 cm/Bottom: 3.17 cm/Left: 2.50 cm/Right: 2.50 cm
    2. From Second page onwards: Top : 3.17 cm/Bottom: 3.17 cm/Left: 2.50 cm/Right: 2.50 cm.
  4. The article has to be adhered to the following limits: 3500 words (from the beginning of the introduction to the end of the discussion/ conclusion; do not count the abstract or the references), 50 references, and 5 inserts (tables and figures, with no more than 4 panels per figure) in print.
  5. File names should contain no spaces between numbers or letters. File names may be run together (e.g., authornamearticletitleversion1) or contain punctuation such as underscores, hyphens, or both (e.g., author-name-article-title-version-1 or author_name_article_title_version_1).
  6. No information in the header and footer, such as page numbering; all papers need to follow the same template and reference style; font: Times New Roman; size A4.
  7. Corresponding authors: Please mark the corresponding author with an asterisk (*). In case there is no asterisk, per default, we will consider the first author as the corresponding author.


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